When I first joined the team as an early career professional, I received high level coaching in the suitable environment where I tackled assignments in a low risk setting. This helped me build my confidence and entire skillset, knowledge, and work experience. Now a capable, well-rounded, and experienced professional, I'm happy to help my team build a collaborative, supportive, and fun work environment in the organisation that I have come to call my home.
Johann Amuzu-garson
Finance & Operations Manager
AHIC encourages time for intense and collaborative work, and only holds meetings when necessary, so you can work around life to achieve other goals. Because of the adaptable work environment at AHIC, I was able to earn my master's degree while working.
Michael Blankson
Programmes Lead

Creating a Company Culture We Love

  • Track record of internal employee promotions
  • Professional development support plans
  • International travel for all team members
  • Hybrid work schedule with flexible hours
  • Paid holiday, physical health, and mental health leave
  • Progressive parental leave policy for all new parents
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Modern workspace in the heart of Osu

Creating a Company Culture We Love

At AHIC, we recognise the importance of working with diverse communities on the African continent. We emphasise the need for collaboration, partnership, and respect among various stakeholders to develop inclusive and contextually appropriate health solutions.

By leveraging human-centred design, we engage with communities, listen to their voices, and incorporate their perspectives. This approach allows us to gain valuable insights and develop effective interventions.

Our work aims to transcend boundaries and harness the wealth of knowledge and expertise within broad and varied communities to drive health innovation through entrepreneurship.

It underscores the importance of equitable access to public health, healthcare, and the determinants of health; the empowerment of individuals and communities; and a collaborative approach for a healthier and more prosperous Africa.

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