Making Innovation Accessible For All

In 2019, AHIC developed an internal initiative called Designing for Access, which aims to increase disabled inclusion within the broader African innovation ecosystem. Through three primary pillars, AHIC is setting the next generation of accessibility standards throughout the African continent.

Inclusive Innovation

AHIC believes that all people deserve the opportunity to live enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling lives. However, few entrepreneurship training resources have been adapted for disabled access, or to meet the needs of professionals working directly with disabled persons (clinical staff, educators, etc.). AHIC delivers adapted innovation and entrepreneurship training programmes, co-created with local communities and subject-matter experts.

Clinical, Therapy,
and Device Support

Appropriate access to healthcare, medical therapy services, and durable medical equipment is life-changing, but many products, services, and expertise are in limited supply in-country, expensive, and/or currently unable to be locally produced. AHIC partners with local and international experts to create global partnerships like Bella’s Bumbas that listen to the needs of local communities and create collaborative solutions while simultaneously enabling local innovators to manufacture, produce, and deliver at the local and regional levels.

Disability Co-Creation

The social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem enables people to pursue their dreams, while simultaneously improving the lives of others. Unfortunately, many structural barriers – such as a lack of wheelchair accessible event venues, sign language interpreters, and vision alternatives – prevent participation in key training and networking opportunities by the disabled community. AHIC is working directly with disabled persons to develop an accessible innovation space and improve digital accessibility for our online media, with a long-term goal of cultivating a series of best practices for implementation by other innovation organisations.

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